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Alan Wake.

It's been ages since I write about something that's has a potential for deep analysis. And this one got me thinking of the power that holds the branches. The game, Alan Wake is all about those reports of missing vehicles or gaps in people's memories of going somewhere else they have no memory of. Places that apparently wasn't there, in this reality perception at least. But it exists in another layer within this universe. The quantum leaps, that all is happening at the same time.

There's the branch of the Writer who already written the script. The branch of the Writer who's still writing, those thoughts within the creation process. Where it holds mostly concerns of existential crisis. Creators as ourselves knows how much attached we are with those worlds we had created ourselves and within this very state or branch, there's so much 'time' and reflection. They are as much real, as the state of the Writer who already did it. And the last one, the very character who lives it. This is a branch, and it exists. And when it finds itself existing in a 'real world' setting. It surely can make it all magical. It is meant to be a type of spooky mystery.

But what if it was meant to be created for us to remember we create our lives by our imaginative acts? And we love action, a bit of suspense. Living a movie-like life. And if we live inside, inside the branches enough time. It will take form within this very reality.

An imaginary archetype of an editor, someone that's clearly inspired by getting it done. It is a part of him. 'A complex incantation' 'About this place'.

Just like an 'Airplane' coming out of nowhere. Just like a 'Triangle Bermuda' thingy. The plaquette appearing when there's energy convertion on 'The Celestine Prophecy' movie. I say this of: like, it's been ages, but there's not a single time I am not attracted to something that somehow has ties on our lineages and the truth of our Era and the ancient times. The knowledge that quantum physics has, that creation is through us. I am glad that there's always this around, it's always there. But I feel like, the magic is far away or something, I am sure some people feel like that sometimes. My mind has to be where I do have what is it I am seeing, within. Which is what I feel. Everything is done. We shouldn't be concerned or looking out there. 'Something is always going to happen' I am just thirsty for those synchronicities, it makes me glimmer from the inside. Just keep it going, and it come to pass.

I love when those little connections happens. 'Lights will guide you home' And Alan Wake uses the light with the flashlight.

I know I feel like there's so much knowledge on me. I could, I don't know, say it all. Heaven knows how much it is important to me those truths. And I mean the scrolls within the movie I mentioned earlier, if you haven't watch it both the book and the movie is amazing. But do I have mastered it? You never waste energy, or your love by giving it. That's what I believe.

The Oasis is a feeling and an experience. People cannot be talked into it, they must experience it. And I want to tell them that much when it is not my job? Those books, those movies speaking of such truth. And within Alan Wake game there's lots of references onto the light within each of us. The parallels makes easier for us to see, some media is inspired on the spiritual.

The way Wake says: 'There's a hole in her chest where her heart should be' and there's a shadow behind him. Clearly it is him. They are one of the same. And everytime he says that outside the cabin is all dark. We can see it as the cabin being the Self, who creates all the time. I think the editor also is the Filters that the outside reality put on us. This energy of getting it done and balance out with our own judgmental persona. And the very act to write like Zane told, is the feeling. The knowing of you that is you creating reality by what you feel as true. It is fun that actually there's a dark analogy for human nature.

That thing of deep thought on the people in our dreaming. It is us, but he can't stop dreaming; if he do, the other 'you's' simply go to darkness. That feels like states, Dreamwalking powers, and shifting.

It is so insane how good it is. The pages just tell us what is going to happen before the game unveils it. 'An out body experience' in a dream because hell yeah, we go to astral traveling in our sleep. To write inside the story itself, Zane, who's the explanation for that light guiding him. It's amazing. The missing week being the videos we see throughout the game of Wake writing 'Departure.' Everything is explained.

Even that memory of the 'Clicker', who created who? Zane had given him the object of power in a story Wake had written. 'Written into the existence' Little pieces can turn to be such a marvelous 'hole' in the plot, it is so creative. I don't even know how to put this.

The 'Nightmares.' The past and the future, the present happening all at the same time.

'I willed the idea of the cabin to be real. And it was.' The way it is written like the 'darkness' or the 'void' 'The ocean' it is just the place where everything is created. Our higher selves. The shifting dream is just putting yourself in the state. And for Wake is writing to make those things real. It is just wonderful. He written a way through. A bridge, he didn't know where it came for he just had the idea of it and it turned from that 'underwater darkness'

A lot of things merged from horror, that makes me feel so happy. I love these things where we play with fear and creation. Because that's how the things seems looking from the surface, when that's not the case. There's a yearning, and almost exciting tension and expectacing.

It's just Wake illuminating his own heart. And that thing of another version of him in his place? Nuts. Everything really has gotta mix the lines between reality and creation. 'It's all in your head' Hell, yeah. Everything is actually in our heads.

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