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Angelic Numbers and the Art of Manifestation.

My drawings somehow are super powerful, just a sketch and I bring it into reality. Also very much like my writing. Things I had written back then turned out to be something expressed in my reality. I had visions of tones of red, and that pretty much came to fruition in a recent experience. I visualized that deeply and I pretty much believe it has its own world, alive, breathing, and transforming.

Manifestation is the meaning you put on things daily. For me, I had been seeing so many repeating numbers everywhere. I did a little research but I think it is much connected with what you were thinking at those times, 111 was always about being aware and conscious of the images you held in your head. I have many connections with the number 333 also as a creative pattern, with my lines within Human Design and day of birth. And other patterns like 222 but you know, it’s like, what you were thinking when you saw it? And those days I keep receiving messages of reconnection and déjà vu experiences with specific people.

You should start creating a journal and make some points like: this number I saw this image or thought of this and that. And It is so fun, there was this time I created this story on IG and found it soo good type of content where y’know, is you living inside a world or universe. It has a prompt ‘Make a wish’ and me singing. And then, thoughts of doing b-roll of me dancing. You follow those little ideas and intuitions. The moment you look into the bigger picture you will perceive that it is connecting with the co-creation you are in the process of with the universe.

And recently I came across 444, and it felt like foundation. I had read about it somewhere, but it is a powerful and very material, glittering number. Like commanding and it feels like standing in your power. Something fascinating about my own work is that I have a very clear, extended projects to go with every time. And the moment I finish it, it’s finished. I always felt like: is this how I should navigate my content? How I can sharp my content and expression to be assimilated better by others? But every time an idea like the series Investigation Files on my YouTube, my 'Indigo Heart' script or my EP 'Alter Ego.' Even my book Liber Vinum. They were things I put a lot of energy into, but I had a finishing date or a cycle that I had to close off. These are the right content, and within time I will perceive what you guys receive better. 

But those were simply the best, and I am very proud of them. And talking of the Series, the rest of them will be published during this month.

We all are being asked to be ourselves, and we all are divine. Divine beings and the others fill the position only they can. Only you can fill the position you choose. Why do you question if you are deserving and worthy of having it? When you yourself support others who have all those amazing spaces where their divinity shines through. We had plans, and these plans are flowing through you, now, through your imagination. We only can see what can be done, because it already is. You want confirmations, you want to be sure. But you are God in form expecting assurance from who?

And that's connected with manifestation altogether if you think about all those times you were on a hallucinogenic trip of synchronizations. The Universe gladly will lay to you all the confirmations you need, but you need nothing else than the 'I am' state.

I mean come to my Ted Talk, I know the Archangels and my guides light upon me the gifts of the Gods because I know things I had created were already created, and before they took form, it was a simple thought. An imaginary act, then, I made it by being Aware of it. Embodying your God-like, God-level state will make you magnetic enough to speak with confidence through your light and essence to other states of being beyond this material reality. Why would I have written a character that could contact all of his assimilations? That’s pure manifestation in action, my own mastering.

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