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Final Fantasy VII.

All I got is that they believe – the Shinra, in the scriptures, and they talk of the prophecies. The ‘Ancients’ are the ones who will lead them to the ‘Heavenly place.' Cloud has visions of Sephiroth. There’s a lot of references to the ‘7’ number. And there's a kundalini symbol –you guys.

And this whole presentation with a civilization just like the New Vision, the World Vision. Why is the shadowing people with numbers on their arms is Sephiroth? I knew for a long time Final Fantasy VII might have something, and that turns out to be connected somehow to other things I really love and also have spiritual symbolism. Now, I learned about the Mako, spheres of energy, colorful energy? Which is really spiritual energy. The Ancients having the will to bend them? Aerith being able to talk with the afterlife? No way man. And how come blondie connects just with the lover of the one who gives him the Sword? The fucking thing in the book of Enoch, the Sword? That will be given to us, a knowledge to defeat that big rising of the polarity? Is it just weird? Chakras, the Sefirot, Kundalini. Abilities involving these things?

‘…Her flesh we shape.’ ‘...Promised land. [...]and a place in paradise.’

And it is so unique how it seems like a literal embodiment of Cody, Cody’s embodiment suits Cloud so well that it seems made with an implicate subtle connection. One of the same, not on purpose but those things happen naturally. Like another perspective played by Cody. How amazing, how powerful. How shocking because yeah, sure I did have many encounters with the spiritual in those particular projects. But this one was quite bold. And have been here for decades now, since the reality of super enchanted worlds into the digital came to life.

If Cloud is one of the Ancients and he’s gaining the Sword? Gnosticism is placed here as everyone is Divine, and one with all that it is. Although he was an experiment with the Mako, it was just within him.

‘Someday, I will find it in myself.’ The Heavenly place. Aerith just said it in a way is not somewhere else.

And the ‘Whispers’ they are drawn to those who try to alter destiny's course. They talk of the planet as the Great River, like an Ocean of Energy. ‘Seven seconds till the end.’ ‘The edge of Creation.’ During the last fight there were many visions that came through to them about the end, it seems they are in more than one place at the same time.

It seems they have changed the timeline meaning who knows, Zack may be alive. The Destiny course had been changed, those visions Cloud had, and even the presentation may come to life. I am not even talking of the double meaning of their names connected to Gnosticism.

I may come here, and write more of the game. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will come soon, and I can't wait to perceive new parallels. For now, this is just a joint of thoughts while digging the story.

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