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How to create a character with other media details, and make it unique?

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Sometimes it starts with a name or sometimes it starts with a world you're inspired in, a song you've been listening to. But for me, names come with a strong presence in my mind. The name Trainor seems to be currently a lot present. Maybe for this article in particular. The inspiration comes from the artist Meghan Trainor, and then things from other media that inspired me comes to make a whole thing.

How do you pick many things from different media and transform them into something so unique and with individuality?

The first thing that popped up was a hat, a black leather hat and I wanted it to have red horns in its design. That comes from Star vs. The Forces of Evil. And after that it brought the symbol on Dipper Pines’ hat, his symbol of a pine is connected to his name. Heroes have symbols associated with their own names and that gives strong blueprints that easily can be remembered. Strangely, I recognized that synchronicities were happening while writing about him, the horns could be easily associated with Bulls, and while I was searching for a good symbol the meanings on the name of the character are connected to the meanings of the Taurus sign on astrology and Celtic symbolism.

Will name meaning: ''Protector, with a helmet'

Trainor name meaning: 'Strong man'

A strong and powerful willful driven character with incredible strength both physically and mentally; Will Trainor ‘Bill Bull’.

I saw an all-black car familiar to the one Cruella DeVil has but more like a vintage Ferrari Spyder model was captured in my mind. A Noir type of style with 'Trainor' written in the back of the car and bright red lights. Sunglasses with coral colors that make his pupils look red-colored. Images of driving in a truck and scenes of an investigation. Cuddles on his cat called Ruby like one of those great villains that we love so much.

Now that we had set the aesthetics and meaning, we align those symbols with story structure and personality traits. And I want to be like an imagined Netflix series. And the best ones out there usually improve by the opposite force, the dark or evil forces systems that goes under transformative phases. But until now, I only see a strong presence. The lines between fear and confidence, or themes revolving around being in the frontline, and being the one standing out.

But that somehow mixes up with aspects of religion, and faith. Our perception of good or bad. Being a powerful entity or wealthy, being prosperous could be in places where our mindset sees those things & embodiments as not so humble. As something evil.

What I used for inspiration here is the superhero ‘Daredevil’, and the anime ‘Devilman Crybaby’.

How deeply rooted belief systems with religious faith and concepts can make us see characters such as Trainor being tamed by systems created in our society because he’s dangerous in their eyes. We are programmed to fear anything that is unknown to us and to put authority outside of ourselves. We should sacrifice our light, and our focus on ourselves in order to be a good individuals and let the 'Holy' ones deal with it. As if, we are not divine and one with that light.

To be surrounded by great riches and physical strength.

We are all deserving of our desires, of a life full of luxuries and there it is, the theme revolving around Trainor. A faithful person with strong perceptions about spirituality yet, so powerful acquiring a great length of abundance and material possessions. Things we don’t see with frequency, that’s not a plot that drives the story. This is part of who Trainor is, a natural state, an aspect of himself. This is what we use to set the link between character and spectator, in a very spiritual way. Something underlying his actions and body language. His memories of how he attracted all those things by embodying this willful and confident persona.

He lives on a truck with metal bars swinging sideways on the container and his car on a platform lifted above him. This idea comes from the movie 'Real Steel' where he's working on his armor, bursts of smoke coming out of it like a bull. 'Project Bill Bull: Test 43.' The armor looks like it is breathing and each burst enhances its strength. There's a reason for him to be in many places, both because it is required for him to not stay put in one place for too long and go to those places people would not bother searching if the damage has been for the chaotic environment or made on purpose.

He's the first person to create a technology capable of intensifying and managing what's already there. A self-sustaining device that proves that ultimately we are supernatural ourselves. With the regenerative and restoration powers as well to endure tremendous pain or to create anything by thought. He was here to give people what would make them stop seeing the lack in their reality. This has been studied and proved thousands of times. Some would say he was God. Embodying his divinity. Or some would say a work of the Devil.

The genres would be adventure and drama. He's not a treasure hunter but if people ask, that's exactly what he would say. How do you explain to someone there are valuable religious pieces of art or records with remarkable knowledge about consciousness, our connection to all that is below the churches in Rome? We grow a sense of oddness within the very first minutes, his means are questionable. His style is one of those who are detached from everything, worrying 'bout nothing.

By the end, we see that he was not greedy or an unfaithful person but someone that could see that that artifact was kept underneath and untouched because it is more safe than hiding it from the public eye. It says things about knowledge that will give the righteous ones the world.

His best friend, Christian Turner, — Pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana Jones & Dan Brown book-inspired movies. — a nerd archeologist obsessed with theology is always beside Trainor. Without him, Trainor would not have all that information about the locations where those bits of knowledge are kept hidden from the public eye. Anonymously they spread the information, and those multimillionaire corporations in association with the 'Holy' ones get in the way, never with a face but with eyes in all places.

The episodes would follow this hunt to be in buried chambers under churches or temples. A vintage noir-like charm mixed up with high-tech assets.

Sometimes a strong villain character can be indispensable but sometimes, what really matters is the dynamics and systems. Where it can transform and takes other forms, but never getting too far from where it started. So, not always a remarkable evil force is needed. If you get too much focused on the opposite force it can turn out to be an emotional plot, and that doesn't suit most of the cases. What's really good for an emotional pack is how the main characters resist these forces and keep going forward with their very own relationship dynamics. To make the villain the point, it can be a challenge. And in this case, and series in general, you must already have a long history with them and you are starting out a series. And with those kinds of powers Trainor has, people must link up with him and find themselves inside the character. So build the systems and challenges.

That's it for now. Maybe, Bill Bull can be a well-known superhero in the future, and your very own characters to have the spotlight they deserve. See ya' soon.

© 2022 Yuki C. Liber Vinum. All rights reserved.

 © 2023 Liber Vinum. All rights reserved.

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