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II About death and fashion.

The trailer is out and I can say right away that I am the most excited. Literally everything in the fashion aspect had come true, and even in the main plot I outlined. I should be shocked but after all this time, it is a recurring thing. I cannot say who's my favorite wardrobe besides the fact that I love every single character in Monster High.

I will talk first about what we know so far, the synopsis and plot. Apparently the main character is not Frankie but Clawdeen, and I am so happy because she's been my inspiration for a decade with Lala. Her love for fashion and the movie 'Scaris: City Of Frights' is truly so dear to my heart. And the plot is exactly what I was imagining that could be about. About identity, about being yourself regardless you're afraid. And the 'dark force' is related to Clawdeen being half-human, this is just amazing. We will actually see something about a "corpse".

Some new little details about the characters are added. Lagoona appears to do transfiguration, Draculaura as a sorceress and Clawdeen with a skateboard, which fits her. I saw many times Clawdeen expressing having sporty traits. And it appears we will have things not yet explored much. Cleo and her 'mommy issues ', we had so far the relationship between her father and sister. And, it looks like we will explore Clawdeen with a crush on Deuce.

We have a lot of concepts to give some more space and backbone for exploration in character development. They are doing it just right.

The fact that they change clothes during the movie, it seems to be a natural thing but if they didn't think about it beforehand. The 'realness' thing I pointed out before, would be missing. And just because I want to see more looks. And guess what? They're absolutely amazing.

Frankie definitely got some accurate pieces I mentioned. The outfit I made with pictures really just basically manifested. The boots, the skirt and the vest. Even prettier, electrifying!! Plaid and black jeans!? There's an outfit in one of the performances with the ripped pantyhose, the perfect example of teenage/fashionable and really alternative vibes in a halloweeny MH way. Did you guys take a look at Draculaura's outfit? I hadn't found good pictures for her the other time, but the thing about "cannot go out in the sun" she can go out in the live-action apparently but the pentyhose is just the mirroring thing in the clothes.

And it just makes me think about the aspect of 'Tim Burton alike' with the colors that are dark but we do have a lot of color. The mirroring thing regarding each other and the whole atmosphere. The furr aspect in Clawdeen jacket, another thing I just saw in my mind's-eye. Her animal patterns and we do have some pink/purple.

They did an amazing job at capturing details from the characters and put it in the right place with not so much focus on it. The flames design in Heath's shoes, the lace and Draculaura's pink belt. The Cleo's gold pieces of jewelry are very subtle, and obviously the holographic pieces Lagoona wears with sporty clothes, you can see scales details. That's just what I am talking about!

In Abbey's I talked about pom-poms and her hairstyle makes this effect alongside a picture of the shoes with a very close design she's wearing in one of the scenes. The puffed white jacket is just chief kiss with some real girly aspects. Everything is just very natural and blends with the character and the spaces.

Deuce is the funniest because I put a PNG that is just the exact same outfit they probably inspired themselves in to make his. Even the pose. "Skater+Punk+Fancy" I don't know why but I have a sense that for him having a simple outfit(not that simple, because we see a mirroring effect very clearly among the other girls) something is going on. The more you're simpler the sharpening will be more fixed, so you can tell that the thing underneath will do some impression, and it will be life changing? Causing a big remembrance? I am just curious about how his personality will be shaped.

Ghoulia seems to be the one I hit less, but the 'college' style fits her and we have some red in her shoes. And I think in the overall picture was a good choice to go with because Frankie already got a pretty close style I written down for Ghoulia before.

I cannot wait to see more footage of the scenarios. The lanterns in the hall are just the prettiest, and its details of the coffins. The brown wooden furniture, and the colors in pink, orange and purple. The songs is about being themselves completely, I picture something very close. I just thought and visualized something really cool and aesthetically very pleasing. The plot and the surroundings kind of complement each other.

'The monsters are partially separated from the humans, the truth is not completely revealed. This "dark force" wants to rule both worlds to maintain them under control, under "their" protection. If you want something, they would give it to you but at a high cost. Sacrifice what makes us ourselves, means being chained by the circumstances. But every one of us has to choose to be accepted by others, or be in peace with who we are.

"Jackson is one of the examples" if the monsters and humans come together you cannot control them because you can't control someone that know their powers, they do not want all of us to be free and know how powerful we are, because this, will change everything. We suddenly will become our authorities, no more rulers. Everyone coming together fully in their essence going right into a future of freedom.'

I guess I just got the point in the other article.

Maybe there will be other outfits, and you can expect me going batshit over them. Until then, I am just amazed by what we already have so far. Monster High is reaching new layers, and it just warms my heart. My inner child really will always be inspired by Monster High, a welcoming place for me that always will lives inside me. Living this chapter around the Monster High universe is the best.

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