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Jackson's Diary.

I do have a theory that if you have certain attention towards someone, deep down, even if they are unaware of it. There is something going on. I don’t think we ever get this wrong. I mean, or right? I know many cases where we simply don’t correspond, and it doesn’t mean you may be unaware of something. The only person thinking in your reality is you. But when you know the law, where that version of you is already having it. That means it already exists. So, you don’t wonder if they are into you.

And when you dumped down someone, I think we simply knew they liked us. And that’s it, a thought, and it’s very natural.

Now, the whole inspiration for this is this Webtoon I am into lately. And I am so happy to find it and I swear, things like that come to me in unlikely places. And I am thinking about it. I was reading the diaries of the new Haunted Couture collection of Monster High. I think I found it because of the diary term.

Jackson’s Diary. And I found Ron super cute. I am not an avid reader of Webtoons, only for DC and BTS comics plus Boyfriends.

But… I practically read every single BL manga. Although, it’s not anymore a thing. I read once in a while just to get pretty panels. In those, I really search for something more open or to come across a really deep dive into self-knowledge. Most of them are in those shades, but I had to stop many too along the way. The thing is: I love everything about love stories, and I don’t know how to put that into words. I think I never wrote about it besides making it storytelling. Most of my characters are males and I am super inspired by their physicality. Aesthetically but kind of feeling expressing myself at being it. I do for sure have many notes about it. Talked about it here and there. But not how it is basically how I feel about myself and who I am.

For a time, I thought that for it to be so natural for me, because since childhood I felt people were, you know, conscious human beings. I thought I did not need to speak about it. In my heart it was like, I don’t see gender or anything like that. I grew older and now I know that’s not a thing that really explains it, but being Androgyne is the closest term I ever came across.

And hey, guess what? But what if you do like boys and feel like a boy in a girl’s body? That I never wrote in words but is a real thing for me like forever. So, I guess that’s the reason I’m eager for those themes. And literally, everything I create and delve into, what inspires me, revolves around it.

The more the time passes, the more I see it, like those relationships going into places where it is more and more open. I can’t be more happier about that. There are writers out there that dare to make their characters have pleasant experiences around those subjects.

As a writer myself, I know our characters have to deal with dangerous stuff and “out the daily norm” situations. That’s why we read it or watch it after all. But there’s a sweet spot that I just can’t tell you with all the details. It’s a rare thing, very few stories have done it. A few examples are Elsword, — this game has my heart for eternity and Star vs The Forces of Evil, Teen Titans. Not delving into that now, but you know, there’s something so lovely in those stories.

And Jackson’s Diary has been a delight. I just cannot keep it in my heart. I am a theorist at heart and if I create something, you can be sure there are psychic phenomena terms behind it.

At our very nature, we are “supernatural”. We will have a time when we will start to ask ourselves what is really the definition of the term ‘supernatural’. Near-death experiences, astral projections, seeing the aether or dark matter. As us being creators, our thoughts influence the reality around us. (You can imagine how excited I am about the thing.)

Jackson had a mother who told him in childhood that his thoughts, his mind, were more powerful than he could ever imagine. Cases are that many of us don’t grow into the knowing that what we focus on, that whatever we imagine refracts out at the material reality. The law is always at work and always has been. We were just not aware of it. And we can consciously focus on things we really want. This knowledge is coming to all of us in little pieces everywhere.

The thing is that for a character growing up in an environment with such powerful knowledge. I am pretty sure it makes him just the embodiment of the future we are going towards, or should I say, the very present reality we are living in right now. Kids are able to grow around self-knowledge, divinity, and the spiritual truth. That ultimately is love, and accepting. That we are fully in control of our lives just by our thinking, isn’t wonderful?

Jackson is one of the “new era” kids and I am sure that everything was meant to be.

At first, I thought Jackson had “magic” just like Exer. I do think Exer didn’t do everything that had happened to Jackson. You see, depending on their thoughts, the magic just *falls" perfectly for what they “needed”. “What I fear the most has come to me.” Well, that is what you are focusing on. And Jackson now focusing on healing and starting from zero, perceiving that negativity is not serving him anymore.

If you see them from the start to the point we are now, dang, how they have grown.

Jackson didn’t create Exer but I think, at some point, he must have thought of someone just like Exer to be friends with. He’s just connected to him at such a deep level that impresses me. And it’s just very subtle. Exer as well is so down for him. To connect with. (It’s lovely. It’s just so sweet.) But I can’t stop think about this. Is it just like one of my experience. One of my characters being the exact image of someone I know. That I only come to know some time later. I didn’t create them. I wasn’t in the process of bringing them. Creation is finished. Which means whatever you imagine is already there. So if you are thinking “dreaming” is not enough, this is what you need to know: Somewhere, somehow, this is already here because if it was not, you would not even be able to think of it.

That’s why I think there’s not such a thing as: Maybe, they don’t have a thing for me, or it is really this thing or it is really this person? Can I really meet a character? I swear there were many times I just saw people being the carbon copy of very well-known people or characters. And that’s fantastic.

Jackson’s magic is basically our magic. He grew with this knowledge, so he’s very “aware” of his power working with the law of attraction. Using drawings, expressing himself in some way or another. He feels it, then leaves it and it comes to pass.

And I am saying all of this because you can read the synopsis of the comic. “...Reality feels more like a work of his imagination.” Oh, we had it all.

Plus, there’s David and Exer. (Excuse me, let me take a breath for this.) I started to think about it throughout the period I was reading. It appears we become used to the “jokes” that he could be into boys, and have to struggle badly for it afterward. But this time, things were getting interesting. I knew already very early about this but didn’t perceive early David liked his best friend for that long. It gives a new length to past experiences.

I asked, “Do you really want to know, Exer?” when David was about to confess. Now I am sure that he wants to know.

Well, I mean if they know about the law. When I say it, it’s because it’s only Jackson that’s having an effect on everything as the protagonist. You can be sure of that. And David being into Exer means there’s something going on. And no shit. Seconds later, Exer is not into Brenda anymore.

In relation to the law, things are getting even better. How Exer said the exact same thing Jackson wrote in his diary. That’s so awesome, one of the techniques of the Law of Attraction is scripting. You write, feeling all that you will hear or experience when you attain your desire. Jackson’s desire was for him to feel what he had felt all along. And I am starting to think that he’s so connected to Jackson to an extent that I can’t put it in word. Like they are the same person.

Probably I will write more when this season ends. And in conclusion, I want to say that the Webtoon is already showing up immense creative output. Also, it helped me in many spheres beyond what you would imagine. Give it a read. I am sure that if you are into theories and psychic phenomena, you will love Jackson's Diary.


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