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JJ Maybank.

Sometimes I wish to know why for me the characters that are removed from the central drama are more interesting for me than this blueprint for the heroes with their film-like romances, and stocked up action scenes.

They have some kind of mystery around them, there's no real line separating them of what side they are on. How they see good and bad. I am talking about of JJ Maybank, the character of Outer Banks embodied by Rudy Pankow.

And he made me realize something about the ones who inspires me. That energy I always talk about regarding their acting, is not exactly a consistent thing as I always thought. JJ really portrays this well. Sure, he has those blueprints of smoking or being wasted. But if you see closely. Man, he doesn't fall for that kind of acting. He's not consistent, and that's a real good thing. Because we are not really consistent beings ourselves, in terms of presence. He gives new body language all the time, and each scene has something unknown to us about his character.

Something very interesting about him is his ability to be a good storyteller. He's recounting folktales like a sailor would tell stories about the restless sea and its creepy mysteries. For some reason, I feel like he's enjoying himself. He believes in those stories, he turns himself one with the story like being the myth itself. The one who created it to explain our mystical nature.

JJ himself likes to take as many roles as needed from him. Not even his fashion is constant, how magical this is for me you would not believe.

And is quite puzzling how we can make up our minds as him being a temperamental person for a fact. at first instance. But I don't really believe that, and that's impressive, to change our view of the character through his building up of energy and development in a progressive way. Even gently, everything takes place at the right time from a place of knowing. of the self. As a very quick-witted character.

This thing of him has 'nothing to lose' being not about his circumstances, we already got past that. What's actually thrilling is that he doesn't identify himself with anything, that's the real meaning behind his words. He's a very detached person. He can be described as mild kleptomaniac, but he chooses to be everything and everywhere. One of the examples is he witnessing his friends relating, and that doesn't feel like it bothers him, not at all. Has it changed their relationship? Not a bit.

If it can keep going this direction, a uncovencional way to approach relationships and a more in deep of how JJ creativity can overflows during the hunts. Whatever the case is, I am sure that Rudy will find a way to express it in subtle ways. Where it can be done a in deep study of character.


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