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Liber Vinum.

When I started writing 'Liber Vinum: The Universe of Angels' I was reading about this channeler called Benjamin Creme. In his writings and books there's mentions of schools of mystery scattered around the globe that will appear in the years to come, plus I love to look out for prophecies. For some reason, my writing has a lot of connections with the future and passage of time that behaves in cycles with my abilities of clairvoyance and Leon, one of the characters from the book had received this special gift passed down to him. As said in the book he's from the future. Precisely, some years after the Blood Moon.

The Blood Moon is an event inspired in those prophecies that keeps repeating in many things I read about where great masters speak of unprecedented events. About stars falling from the sky and the day turning into night. Many of the great masters are Mary Magdalene, Enoch or Kayce with their visions.

Each cycle, as I mentioned, expresses itself through me with characters. Those characters represent a concept towards self-knowledge, as a constant thing in my life. I need them to be as they need me. I feel greater than my feelings or thoughts, than my body. The book literally means what I envision to be in a fantastic way our rising with our spirituality.

The characters represent parts of my life, some obsessions of mine. My true passions. One of my biggest missions has to do with the angelic hierarchies. All of my characters rose from extensive study on angels and mentions of them in many religions and history. And as I was finishing the last chapter I realized something about my nature, about our nature.

Each Arc within the book can be approached again and again with new eyes, in new ways. I will use this book I am reading as reference to how everything is interconnected. 'The Convoluted Universe Book One' by Dolores Cannon.

These are the notes I made along the way:

'An experiment of emotion and physical pleasure. But they caught up in the physical, forgetting their light.'

That is referring to reincarnation. The experience we have on Earth, and this makes me think how I love to put them under performances. That's our natural state, living in joy and expressing ourselves. Along the book I make full performance scenarios with fighting or on stage so they can accomplish other states of being.

'There's more lifetimes going on within a period. Past lives information, other places, other universes knowledge. You just have to desire it and it comes through love.

It's one of the same. As many lifetimes are being lived at once, many expressions of yourself are in the now.'

Pretty self-explanatory.. Them all are the same person within a universe, as you can see they are from different time frames. Each one got a different experience from reality and Daemon is the channel where this knowledge can come through.

All energetic focus works like magic in a sense. — How Ieiazel uses his charms. — It must be done internally first. Changing the molecular structure with the symbols. Nothing to do about the external structure, as it is done within, it takes shape as the pentagram or the purple-powder energy naturally.

The Atlantins had the ability of metamorphosis. They could turn into both to animals and have other people's appearance by adjustment.

This makes me think that it seems that the community towards subliminals and affirmations is able to change their appearances at will by those blueprints. Changing the atomic structure. Fairytales of mermaids, animals with human consciousness, and switching bodies. Indeed our inspirations comes from a place of human history.

The physical is an expression of your energy. Change what causes the reflection.

'It's so interesting how the memory is on us, on some level in the form of ideas and art.

We literally can know what's going on just by looking at our imagination, our creativity and stories. Lately, I have been recognizing this increase in focusing on multiverses and time itself. But at the same time we need to conceive of our spiritual aspect and how it is deeply connected to reality.'

As you can see, I approach these concepts in the book. It is a ride to take a look at how I perceive time.

And then, this information of the sun being a self-sustaining energy source. Although, our records of the past and its people, they seem to be very aware of the system regarding the spiritual components of it. They literally expressed our sun features. As a technical and scientific approach, I see how this is part of the whole picture. The yin yang symbol. But I can see that such things can be done in other ways, not just with the physical planes and that makes me think this is exactly the place I can see hope in our time. It's somehow different.

The fissures, those things done to the material realms can really be connected to how we perceive time. And if we are 'exploring and playing' even if it is just artistically, for me it is a great sign that it is a crucial part of everything. Telepathy, telekinesis, self-sustaining resources, the multiverse, dark matter. Intrinsically connected. All of that mirrors the alchemic process 'Liber Vinum: The Universe of Angels' goes through.

I think the very concept of parallel universes is a usual thing for me. Not in the physical aspect. But I have a sense and desire to take those concepts within a universe a.k.a all the probabilities and 'shifting' into a character. These characters are the knowledge, the concept that came through along 'perspectives'.

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