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The Angels.

"Creating a brand is making a movie. It was very easy for me to make a movie in my mind, I had that ability. I do see myself as the studio head, so it means I get to review the scripts, make sure everybody stays on story."

The documentary talks of a character they created for the brand. Victoria's Secret, The Angels, in that time, the story had risen from that specific wavelength. Certain aesthetics of the images within the subconscious mind, Barbie had been doing it throughout the decades. Wexner's vision of ‘Creating a brand is making a movie…’ Sets something that actually can be studied in a detached perspective. To have the ability he said to create a movie inside his head, using visualization.

If you use, for example Batman, it is a myth within our culture. We have certain characteristics we associate with him, his billionaire playboy status. Sure, it takes many forms throughout the decades. But his overall image is in black shades, a structure for martial arts, and his attire both as hero, and also part of the high society is imprinted in our minds. And The Angels are also the same in a sense.

For me, the Angels are so fun because they actually have the same ‘character’ aspect, we think of their wings. It is not the models. The fashion world is not about the models in a sense. The fashion world, which has been said on the documentary, it has no rules, is meant to challenge our paradigms. mindsets and go beyond it. Why would the Angels think of these aspects in society fitting concerns? If you are a part of the fashion world, you will surely see from a sharp perspective. What the brand tried to achieve with that collection, to channel a vision, the connection between the outfits. And some that are not part of it, are just there watching the fashion show to, for example, give support to someone which they admire; may be their work ethic, a fan. In this case, the focus is on the model. That person. If it is the collection, the focus is professional. If we take those, put it aside and only look at the story being told, and they as The Angels.

The idea is to feel like them in a fictitious way. We gravitated to The Angels back then, because their image was clear in our minds. Sliding right in our subconscious mind, the potential within it is endless. It is not about being someone specifically or the clothes itself. Or In their forms and shapes, the Angels were not a face, but if you think of it. We see big wings, eyes that could speak but they didn’t because their image was about it. This expression where we love to see unfold throughout the catwalk. Waving long hair and the expression of a certain part of ourselves. Of myself, the music in the background, just like a ritual that our culture feels more aligned with. Having things that repeats in cycles is the way our nature expresses itself. A fluidity of patterns, shapes and colors. A silent, musical character we can impersonate. Is not meant to be someone property, of ideas of beauty but for everybody, but something like that will only remain having an effect if we recognize a pattern within its core, and changing it, although change is the very way we are meant to live in this world. That pattern will no longer be that clear, that’s why it loses its magical aspect. The core of the Angels, it is the body aspects not because of this or that. Fashion is not something to be bad or good. The many versions of their wings, their stance and thei motion. A certain archetype where we can learn something about ourselves.

The ones operating in the same wavelength finds its way there, making it clear in our minds. It is because you are no longer an identity, you are reaching something that dissolves the ego delving in an ocean without end.

We go back to Wayne and think of Robin, the first thing is the kid Bruce decides to adopt. A sidekick with clothes that brings attention, after this idea, the kid and costume. If you are not that familiar with DC comics that’s all, but there are a lot more, as other robins with different backgrounds. Only Bruce is that clear, because his pattern hasn't changed. I am talking about the presence that will always have certain aspects, and remembrance. The money, the mourn, the bats. The attire, the manly body and black haired. The visual structure and character stature.

As for Barbie we are really not that aware of past memories, it is not even the point. And Barbie is a brand, and she is several movies. Recounting the Hero’s Story through many cycles over and over again. But we do have an image? Don’t we? Blond, blue eyes and shades of pink as the character. We connect her with dolls. But her shape changed in its core throughout the decades? It hasn’t, do we think of it in beauty society analogy? We probably don't, because is natural to take her form.

We need clear lines outlining a myth, a brand, a character without it, it will lose its strength.

The canon event in 'Into the Spiderverse.' It’s all I have been talking about. If you change the things we associate with them. You could destroy the verse strand. Not that biggie, when talking about characters; I mean us taking the forms, and having it clear in our minds, and everything. But Miles, he did switch up and meet another version of himself. It messed up the strand? No, not yet… But you can see that the Vulture, got a new hairstyle, even his stance and talking is quite unique, and hell, it's very good.


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