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The Idol.

I love how things always appear to be focused on the lessons I am going through. Joss clearly at the start was too focused on what other people will think of her. It is important to know that if you care too much about what people think of yourself you won’t be able to live your life for yourself. There’s the conversation also at the table. There’s no perfect risk, and it is not a risk if you know exactly how it will play out. There’s a reason for it to be risky.

It speaks with all of us who knows that we can deliver to the world, you belong to that world if you can imagine, if you can see it then, it’s yours. It doesn't matter where you come from or your background.

I love even more to hear music and see clearly the messages behind it and it is all because of the series. The question is: If it's really the type of music you want to put out. Why put something out that you hate? The whole idea that we must do it over and over again until it feels right. All of that, you can see through many endeavors, is not how other people do their thing. Do the thing for yourself, recognize your own value. And when I say to be yourself, maybe it will need some rehearsals until you are confident enough to be fully yourself.

That dance Joss did was also so out of this world, this shit is fucking powerful. We sing along to the song and it causes changes in an entire generation.

The thing Tedros was manifesting Joss for ages, why would he deny it? The synchronization, he probably had thought of it before knowing from Dyanne. And the more I think of it, there's so much mystified ideas. The idea that she's actually the one in control the entire time. The 'Hello, Angels.' is enough to prove it. Some positions Tedros took were on purpose, the industry and meaningless talk have no power over such out of the world experiences. This way of living. We are always in control, not because we are constantly doing it. But that we are creating our reality.

Listening to the songs from the series, it was very bold and said words: 'Not acting but bringing in real feelings.'

The Idol is one of those projects that is aiming big, in a sense it is very raw, envisioned around an Alter Ego. And that can used to speak what we have imagined that it is also what we had lived inside our hearts. The storytelling of it can be bound to many reality twists but the fact it is, those subjects of the choices we had made on our past and how it doesn't define us. It is truly envolving, and there are powerful music, powerful underlying feelings which can be only explored by ourselves nudging to be completely ourselves.

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