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The relations between acting and manifesting.

The way things find you at the right time, and if you pay attention they say to you the way. It's a knowing because these things you are looking for are looking for you too, and they're so beautiful through your eyes.

While in the process of bringing something to life, it's like you know somehow already everything you need to get there. And when you see it, it is done. Sure, you started just with an inspiration or a simple idea. The whole picture is not yet there, but somehow something really magical just speaks through you. It's the things you love the most, all start with a vision, a quest and with persistence. The next thing you see yourself already there in those places you have been living all long.

Most part of my life I've been in love with the ancient world, or stories about magical creatures. Everything was about myths, since the beginning and the only thing I could do was let them be through me, I was pulled to some kind of force to be initiated in a mastery that I am sure comes from somewhere long before it came to being.

"The system is to sit still and perceive that awareness has all the external world within. So, it is inevitable that all imagined is within and might refract out."

When I put some makeup on I know I am doing a ritual, when you do it you create a mask for that one taking the role, you put yourself in a state of mind when you reach your highest potential. You allow yourself that energy to move through you.

For me the technique requires bring some fashion and aesthetic. Imagination is the key. As a very visual person myself making moodboards, and visualizing while listen some music. Everytime I return to listen that song again. Is like remember the future. What's that all have about acting? Embodying characters is a natural thing for me, I feel at ease every time I let them come in to express those words I want to tell, the aim of the projects I am working on. Somehow is truly something magical, you feel powerful and there's no boundaries of where you could go. When we identify ourselves too much with the three-dimensional reality, the things we think we are, our environment keeps us from take the first steps. For you to take some steps, and stretch yourself. First, you must feel good about yourself, let yourself just be. What works for me is dancing, and meditating on this character or alter ego I created for myself so I can say to myself: 'You have the right of those vision.' You surrender with those visuals.

Recently I learned this from this book I've been reading 'The Soul of Money' by Lynne Twist, it helped me realize we just got what we need. We really are enough. The feeling of sufficiency makes you see opportunities in everything. You can handle it. And then, you perceive it as just something so natural, part of who you are. No matter where you're, if you see it and it feels exciting. Exhilarating. When it comes, you feel you belong there and there's potential for growth. From there, give yourself the right to push past your limitations on yourself with what you have learned.

Be gentle and honest with yourself. You are not asking too much, and you don't have to be always focused on the goal with positive feelings. Sometimes bring to light what you have been avoiding, the things they teach you of how life works. For sure you know there's other ways, but unconsciously it could be still there in the shadows. Let it out, give it some love and do some energy cleansing with guided meditations. Have a great time and enjoy it. You're amazing, and you're enough. Remind yourself of this. You will learn better approaches for your craft, or to whatever you are manifesting right now. Making it your own way.

Writing is a strong part of the process, and since I was very young I have gravitated towards writing. I was so curious about what's that thing we call 'love' and I wrote about it. I have reached a place of being in good terms with it. It can mean literally anything, and it changes over time. There's no guilt of never having felt love towards someone, but instead being in love with life.

Storytelling was always a tool of manifesting for me. I saw the future through it, and by that I mean a lesson we are going through right now collectively.

Wrapping it all. Writing, visualizing and acting bring about my characters. I feel what they feel deeply with all the elements of the environment before bringing it into words. When the image matures, it becomes a way of being. A concept, and the embodiment of this concept through a character has its will, feeling and moviments. Things essential for acting. And most of my learning process is through observing. I am always being inspired by actors, and study their characters and its inherent driving force in their craft.

This can be used to shift your reality. To detach from your old self, you have to create something new from that creative energy or infinite energy available for you always. You have to become aware that you are not what you used to be. But what you want by doing some acting. Be creative and have fun!

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