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Will Byers.

I really like how Stranger Things shows in such an amazing way how the characters change along the way. My favorite development is the relationship between Nancy and Jonathan, and Nancy's development itself. They really care for each other, which is different from the usual relationship approach we have on tv series/movies. It has happened so naturally. And in terms of Nancy, she started as a teenager and how she made into a journalist. Her personality gravitating towards investigation was progressive and sharply made.

And I love how, for example, the dynamics between Steve and Robin. Stranger Things is truly something that happens once in a lifetime. The whole concept brings about themes like relationships with such ease. Everything just mirrors and takes other forms.

I was so curious about what Eleven meant by Will behaving in an unusual way lately. He was so bothered by how Mike was giving so much attention to Eleven. For me, his body language clearly is attracted to Mike. So, by now, we should already know Will’s feelings toward Mike. Painting with him in mind, or standing by him.

We are going into a full dive into what appears to be very spiritual in a sense. So many people love Stranger Things, and I believe it helped to mirror things. The passage of time, and we are getting a surprising wrapping that seems to be satisfying for me. Everything now really is being answered. We navigate our passage here and the clock is more like a psychological meaning within Vecna. For me, this is fascinating and can be put in a lot of perspectives. Their dynamics, like communicating through light, Joyce finding patterns, or how they separate so, in the end, they can figure out things together is truly something amazing and brings me so much happiness. Like I said: Once in a lifetime. And it's amazing how time is a thing. We go back in time, we're brought back in time with Stranger Things just for the fact that it occurs in the ‘80s. The whole plot is about getting back to see the missing pieces of the puzzle.

Just the thought that those lost memories were there floating around underneath, gives off a vibe. Like an entire reality by its own existing side by side with this one.

‘When blue meets yellow in the west.’

I do think they left so much underneath still yet to be found. The painting really captured my attention, it has to do with something important about the plot, the attention and the suspense towards it proves this. The moment Will shows it to Mike. By now, he had used a lot of analogies to tell Mike his true feelings. It’s obvious that every time was his name in the place of El. But I want to talk about the mythology behind it, Will is the Wise. He knows things, things that can’t be explained but felt as in a hero's journey. It 's very mythical.

And I have a theory or a feeling that Will’s relation with the Upside Down is not done yet. Is a part of him now, and I kind of see something like at some point Mike will choose between Will and Eleven. There was this title for the episode. "The Monster and the Superhero" at the very end of the VOL.2 and Mike tells El that she is his Superhero. The whole arc was about Eleven's thoughts about being a monster.

Eleven opened the first gate to Upside Down. Vecna could be told to be the ruler, like Hades. And come on, the references about Hellfire, Hell, and people saying that ‘a portal to Hell is open now’. The underworld. Eleven is the Cerberus, the hellhound that guards the gates. “The monstrous watchdog of the underworld.” I know, a bit far but see this more in a fantastic and mythological way. She holds the power of who enters and who goes out. And it’s so interesting that unconsciously Will drew something like a dragon with three heads.

In Greek Mythology, Orpheus gained passage with music which is the shield they used to not let Max die in Vecna’s hands.

Alongside the fact that Mike’s name. Michael, it reminds me of the Archangel Michael who slays a dragon, who they see to be Satan. The famous ruler of Hell; It’s inevitable that a lot of mythology will float around. The foundation is placed in epic tales and RPGs. But William's name means strong-willed warrior. A protector.

Michael ‘Who is like God?’ makes me think that’s the reason for Will telling him he’s the heart. I think two things can happen, Will again will be taken away. But his powers or some kind of protecting power will be awakened. You can see that they don’t know yet of Eleven being the one who opened the gates between the worlds. I don’t think that will be a big deal. But why are they slaying the Dragon? Mike and Will side by side? The only threat they have to deal with now is Vecna, and he planned this for quite some time this plan. And it quite worked.

If Will Byers really got some powers, his only connection, the strongest one if I had the opportunity to say is Mike, the only energy with the ‘human heart’ is Mike. That’s what works for Eleven. Mike is not like a warrior, he’s not the leader. The whole dynamics within the series were in groups working like a beautiful geometric pattern. The whole point of the painting was the heart. Someone needs to be there to pull you back. The dark force this time cannot come from Upside Down but from Hawkins itself. Hawkins is ‘Hell’ now. The big battle against the evil forces. Imagine a big renaissance painting with angels fighting demons. You cannot deal with that with just Eleven’s powers. Vecna needs new weapons as the gang needs new ones as well. No mind control will be that useful. They need new protection.

Something awakens inside Will, but it feels like those powers go beyond the lines of what we think to be human. (Or the famous analogies we find in media of mythical creatures portraying feeling "different") Then it got to have an energy, a light force. Or what we call ‘the heart’ to ground ourselves. And that’s when the second thing happens. Mike has to pull Will back. That will be a choice, that will say ‘Well, I cannot say I need you but that I do want you’. That will do, I guess? Now, Will is aware of those powers, he’s the one there to rescue what I think will be Mike.

This is a good place to close the circle, the repetitions can make a big impression, and as we are coming back in time. The chances of Will being somehow trapped so he can work out those past experiences and release energy. ‘We have to kill him.’ ‘We will. We will.’ God, I expect those lines have to do with them both being essential to put an end to Vecna.

You see, the lines Mike tells Eleven to fight on suits Will. The painting. 'The Monster and The Superhero'. those things were not about Eleven and Mike. It was about what is coming and Will's relevance next season. If they are thinking about symbolism, that's the whole point.

Now, if we could talk about the entire season as a whole. Eleven is not even around. What we actually have is lots of body language which is impressive that Mike seems to be more into Will than Will into Mike himself. It's kind of, they're acting but they know what is going on and you just can't hold it. You don't keep licking your lips every 5 seconds while giving that much attention to someone unless there's something that you are interested in. As I always say, you don't have your focus on something unless you’re attracted to it.

When the last season arrives we shall have more things to dwell upon, on behalf of Will. I can assure you that repetitions will strike with many ways to uncover his storyline having an undeniable attachment to this story Stranger Things is telling us beautifully.

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