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An universe that I have visualized for quite some time now. My intention is to provide an immersion in mythology, especially what angels can experience when making contact with earthly energy. What they can do with such divine powers of pattern recognition when meeting the material world. The blog area is for studies and analysis of media. A magazine of character investigation which is one of my passions. "The Universe of Angels" is a parallel to real life, many things are inspired in ancient knowledge and real places making them magical. I lived in those places inside my heart, and I hope you love those characters as much as I love to reinvent them in new ways.

'ABOUT THE AUTOR ​ Yuki creates and expands their universe through non-linear stories, musical creations, and characterization. With subliminal connotations making references to angelology and occult studies, inspired by hermeticism with mythological perception. Visually and aesthetically pleasing concepts, profiles and descriptions imply a symbolism, a makeup blueprint towards meaning to their inner characters [...] On the secrets of the universe. At once abstract, beyond comprehension and yet aligned with the laws of the universe, truth, creativity and imagination. Revolving into a rhythmic tale.

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