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Those are the ‘Script’ versions of my works from the past few years so that I can work at sharpening my mastery. A type of writing that is screenwriting oriented, and get the hang of ‘Crossover’ where is the placement of two or more otherwise discrete fictional characters, settings, or universes into the context of a single story.





‘TEEN WOLF: Indigo Heart’

Script.Genre: ‘Action, Fantasy, Drama.


Theo Raeken is having dreams about Liam Dunbar, and his new endeavor as a dancer, but there’s much more about this to be only about channeling his anger. In a potential reality, where they found out what’s turning their Werewolf eyes into an Indigo color, and why it is related to the states of dreaming. They face sumeric demons, venturing themselves in babylonian rituals with an upcoming pressage of a new uncontrollable force onto Beacon Hills fate. Where does Liam fits in all this? He’s the center of it, and Theo can feel it.


Written in Script format, meant to follow the events after the Hunters ‘Teen Wolf Season VI.’


Coming soon at the next Blue Moon...


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