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III Teen Wolf through spiritual lens.

‘They are coming for me’ I think the last season precedes the road of self-knowledge. That’s solitary. And this of remembering who we truly are, what if Stiles is forgotten? But it is like we are meant to remember? Remembrance is the same as the walk of solitude. You need both. We are working with our perception of time here. If everything is happening at the same time we are shifting to a new reality, with new perceptions of who we truly are. That said, your manifestations and embodiments. You gotta remember first in solitude. The void, or the creative, imaginative side. The black holes are the traveling pathway of the Wild Hunt. Their very core is related to the unconscious, to the imagination where you feel surrounded by darkness, but that darkness is where everything is created.

Maybe Stiles is traveling to his creative part, so he could remember. We want to be wanted, but you gotta first to do it for the right state of mind. You ‘erase’ yourself from reality, shut it down, and go inside. Maybe he was questioning or unconsciously urging for it.

A strong pull of a magnetic energetic field on that house and The Bermuda Triangle appeared in Stiles’ research.

Mischief? Stiles = Trickster? (Actually, that’s how he could spell his name, but very witty. I gotta say.)

Quantum superposition. ‘Superstition’? Seeing something changes the reality of it. It never stops to amaze me. The subconscious has a link between our dreams and lucid dreams. The quantum state.

Dreams are channels between lives that are being lived right now. Now, pineal glands are the seat of the soul, or where through it we can see the unified field, and be in touch with our ‘superpowers’. What’s that got be connected to give you more power by eating it? I think it’s because the pineal shows us our nature that is multidimensional and with those thousand years of only using the conscious mind is not anymore that strong, we can’t see auras or perceive other ‘supernatural’ things. In parapsychology and metaphysics, we change reality by our seeing. You want to charge it with physical movement and the five senses, you want proof with something that works with the reasoning mental dimensions which can’t be conceived from the external, you can try to manipulate it from outside but it will never sustain ‘cause the true reality is not the third dimension but the fourth dimension. Our imagination, the physical reality is just refracting out what’s being ‘seen’ with imagination.

On the wild side, the imagination is the reign of the subconscious mind and the darkness, ‘Sundowning’. If you don’t have good sleep at night or that part of life that is the dreaming life. Your creative life being also practiced, it will make the pineal weaken. Imagination is the power that charges it, and with that, we can be in contact with our ‘supernatural’ abilities. Like telepathy, manifestation, intuition, and astral projection.

Third eye = Sixth chakra. THETA WAVES (intuition, ideas. visualization, seeing what we previously thought wasn’t there. The quantum superposition.) (Basically, being in the inner world. Sleeping, dreaming, using your imagination, meditating, being in the creative darkness.)

Light & dark cycle/Other states of consciousness/Brainwaves = BETA/ALPHA

Why did Peter draw the circles on the ground? They couldn’t see the train gate because they want you to be in fear, so you ignore it. They want you to think there’s no way out. I like the way Peter says ‘You think rules can’t apply to you?’ but the whole thing is: we can bend reality. Someone gives you the perspective it changes reality as we perceive it. The whole thing is about seeing, and the pineal gland. How if by strengthening it can make us connect with our intuition (point: I love that all classes of Teen Wolf are things worth listening to, is meant for you to pass by and ignore because is always like that in the media industry, and how the programming happens. If you ‘ignore it’ you are actually prone to receive the information ‘cause you are not resisting it. It passes right through to your subconscious mind) and is interesting how Stiles are always looking from a ‘hidden’ perspective. Through the darkness. And that of Canaan, which got no explanation, but I guess he used his intuition. And why would they have a radio in the first place? Remember, our brains are like radio transmitters. Stiles was in another perceiving reality, but he could make contact. In some way I think these are tiny pieces of the fact Stiles is aware of his true self.

It looks like we have got someone who can see auras. ‘A refraction of light around your silhouette’

Does Malia have an anchor on Stiles? And green eyes? Now, if blue means rebirth or transformation. Green means acquiring vision or the ability to change reality.

That’s something odd. Why does the Wild Hunt take people? So, they can have more riders? And we have this of the circle being repeated on things. Is it repeating? The 'Heartless' thing? Reliving something over and over again? A.k.a reincarnation. You are afraid to remember? ‘We are the Wild Hunt. Those who hunt with us will hunt with us forever.’ The ‘wild’ is the creative force, they do that so people can start remembering? Are you feeling like you’re missing something? A void? The circle is the warning of: you must remember who you are, or you will remain unaware of your own powers.

‘No one resists. No one escapes.’ Important: The hunters have a pineal gland that is a lot bigger than ours because their powers of ‘seeing’, ‘jumping’, and bending reality are stronger than ours. More apparent and mastered.

I am sure that by this point everyone knows that during the Second War, there was a lot of testing regarding our ‘supernatural powers’ or simply metaphysics, brainwaves, and states of consciousness. ‘The occult.’ They come from a wormhole = creative realm, and we create slits in time and space by using our imagination/remembrance of things that are already there in the fourth dimension. The doctors, the so-called ‘us’ before reincarnating here, watching. The power to prolong life, sure it uses physical means to attain. But I think it is just a way of thinking about it. A perception of what could be, that reality of multiple lives/probabilities happening at the same time. Past/present/future is all happening right now.

But that’s the game in movies/series. You get a touchable approach to something made to have actual manifestation by faith.

Theo. That’s it, him, is just that his performance is amazing in the overall timeline. Man, atheist? ‘Theo’ name means: ‘God’

How come? That’s intriguing.

And about Lydia and Stiles. They are true lovers, I can’t put it better.

But that’s it. They made a way for teaching the ways to strengthen the pineal gland. Guided meditation/hypnosis to reach other states of consciousness slowing your heartbeat. The practice of visualization, focusing your mind and training it.

That’s so good. I am so happy that I took some time. I forgot stuff and now that I am remembering it hurts, but it’s so rewarding. There’s no one with the connection Stiles and Lydia have. And it’s not even about the common thing we see in the media. It’s just they are in sync, they see each other as they really are, and they don’t want anything for each other. It’s not even a thing between them, is them both being the same person. Wholeness. It’s sacred, it’s divine. It is just gentle and respectful. You know, god/all that it is, only knows about love and that’s what I mean by relating. You don’t even need to talk about it. It is a silent thing, always there.

Notes along the episodes in the last season of Teen Wolf:

Lydia’s powers shifts depending on what is it we are exploring, with The Hunters being the mirror, accessing other realities with the superposition theory. And we almost experience the fabric of our very reality being merged with the Wild Hunters ‘reality’. But that’s interesting because, I mean, that’s already a lot of mystical around. They are very myth bonded, deeply connected to the unconscious side, and making it so apparent so suddenly that it would do no good at all. Our wild side, if something came out of it with that proportion of perspective. Of their rift in space-time.

And Lydia said that’s a big price to pay, last time was Allison.

The Hellhound was looking for it, and thought it was Liam? And the Triskelion coming back. ‘Three things cannot be long hidden. The sun, the moon, and the truth.’

Something was locked up since 1912. The Hellhound woke up because the Wild Hunt couldn’t keep it, was supposed to Hunt with the Wild Hunt forever. When Lydia was reading the Web of Reality. ‘Said the Spider to the Fly’

The animals dying or going into at other. Is just about a calamity, some chaotic force having an effect on them.

And I kind of like that they are working with trauma. All those subjects that were worked previously, such as being the alpha and you must do something. If they are attacking, you gotta hit back. But that’s how you keep the cycle. Scott being hunted because of the way he is, as well as Lydia. She was used for tests because of her powers. Or in the case of Liam, people try to hunt/haunt other people because, in fact, they are in fear. So, you degrade them or try to ‘fix it’ because they are threatening you, or what they think to be something not following the natural laws which they were taught to them before through conditioning.

Those subjects are repeating and coming back with different perspectives and approaches. The third eye had already appeared as a symbol, the ‘erasing memory’ of the Dread Doctors. The ‘circles’ like a target. The ‘Revenge’. You know, fear. (And now this could be something around focus, visualization, or meditation. Anyway.)

I see what they are doing with Monroe. What they don’t understand, they fear. And you know those questions about whether it is possible to be two things at the same time. For me, this is just like shifting. Just like the way of living in imagination so that we can bend reality with our psychic abilities. If people can’t fully comprehend that. They crucify, they try to teach you, to tame you, to fix you ‘cause we had to be rational, we have to be ‘Realistic’. They are living in fear ‘Things always will be like that.’ ‘Life is it just the way it is’, can you imagine a body without a genome, a DNA? Is that something scary? Because hell, yeah. That’s possible if put it in perspective: DNA, cells, and the particles that make our universe as we know it. Actually, we know now that they are just fields of energy. In biogenetics, who makes the observation of it, changes its structure. The superposition theory. You can change your biology as you please, consciously you could be anything that you see in your imagination.

The supernatural afterlife? The supernatural plain and other dimensions? Let’s dive into the ‘Clark Kent’ comparison. Liam tells he’s not a guy wearing blue and red. He got fangs and claws. What causes fear in people? I know that’s the whole ‘Thing’ that came out of the Wild Hunt, but that’s only a motif.

Scott trying to talk out of it by saying ‘We are trying to protect ‘people like you.’ we already got a separation here. And as much as I try to internalize here. We know that in aspects of identities, and other aspects of ‘being you’. Such as age, place born, and everything about that. We can never feel what they feel, but we can always put ourselves in their perspective. And as much as we can always think: We are one. We are not separated from each other.

Those things that explain how we feel help us go into integration, to go into interconnection. We cannot go back into a system where people are not treated as individuals, with their own uniqueness. We wouldn’t go anywhere, and here we deal with duality. Again, where is fear?

It is interesting how Gerard says, ‘He’s just trying to keep you in fear.’ Scott is trying to change things through external manipulation. That never works. Not that he’s doing it on purpose, we do it unconsciously. Thinking that they are somewhat helpless.

And that thought is the very problem, that thing written ‘The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.’ There’s no one to be changed but you. You change the concept you have of things by going within, you leave it alone. So, in this case, Scott would work with his perception of what he sees, what he meant by saying: ‘People like you.'

And change it to something like: ‘They are capable of taking care of themselves’, ‘They are strong and I am at peace with myself. There’s no need for me to do anything in order to maintain it because in the first place, peace is not a thing I try to create, but a natural law within me.’ Because, well, we might find out that my ‘supernatural powers’ don’t put us apart because we are one of the same.

Who cares what you are or who I am? If I was already aware of this mindset: 'Everything is coming from me. It is not happening to me.' If you know that, you wouldn’t be bothered.

But then, we experience that thing with Liam as the ‘People like you’ try to make him turn into a Werewolf. The Clark Kent approach. That makes me think of, Liam is expressing integrity with ‘The Sun. The Moon. The Truth.’ that’s a value based on things which cannot be changed by outer circumstances, and always will be the things we build ourselves upon.

This is portrayed in the book ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.‘ which repeats throughout human history. And by that, you remain intact and self-aware.

You have a choice. You can choose how you react to things and how they’re going to affect you.

“Our behavior is a function of our decisions, not our conditions.

We can subordinate feelings to values. We have the initiative and the responsibility to make things happen.

Look at the word responsibility -- “response-ability” -- the ability to choose your response. Highly proactive people recognize that responsibility. They do not blame circumstances, conditions, or conditioning for their behavior. Their behavior is a product of their own conscious choice, based on values, rather than a product of their conditions, based on feeling.

Because we are, by nature, proactive, if our lives are a function of conditioning and conditions, it is because we have, by conscious decision or by default, chosen to empower those things to control us."

Proactive people carry their weather with them. Liam does that by repeating his mantra.

And finally someone asked: The rooting of all fear, what came first? What is it that is causing it?

And I found the conversation between the Sheriff and Scott something to put into perspective. Even after discovering what the two werewolves did. It didn’t change anything. There’s no innocent or guilty. Each party has its own reasons, and our egos will keep us bonded to the systems. How do you know what you do? You ask yourself, is it worth someone to suffer? What are the values the human race always is nourished as a whole? Integrity. (And I find it super amazing how Scott always got himself with those paradoxes in mesmerizing repetitions.)

The names of the episodes tell what is it the pieces of information that are playing out and in ‘Trigger’. Theo tells us about Liam’s anger has to do with the fear the Anuk-ite is causing.

They thought the very first thing was the wolf, but it was actually the Spider. And what the hell, it tried to get Theo. There’s a possibility he could be the other half. But thaere are something really odd. This thing Liam said is odd. If the Anuk-ite is making him angry, he asks what Theo thinks is doing to other people. And that of people can only feel one thing at a time? It is affecting everyone, right? And what is the opposite of hate? Love. And what does the ego do? He just wants to keep it the way it is. Making it reasonable, to keep the system you need the other half, without it wouldn’t exist discord in the first place. So, I suspect Scott is under the influence. It’s not that the thing between him and Malia isn’t real. They pretty much dealing with it in their own ways. And God knows how much the universe is moving mountains through Deucalion himself, to show him once again the paradox.

The Sheriff’s conversation with the Counselor. No matter what you say is not going to work, no matter how you try to put ‘your side’ in perspective, it doesn’t make you the victim or the aggressor.

And we can keep going on and on, and there’s no end where suddenly justice will be made and peace is finally attained. That’s not how it works. You see, the threat here is not them against us. I am not more powerful by the way I see the world or by how I am composed. The only threat is what you are willing to do, to ‘fight’ for a thing that is fated to end in endless pain and suffering. Everything with a price on it will be something you got from outside. Which is not even real. By that very thought, you feel you are powerless and you have no control: ‘My power requires something you give me, and that keeps me bound to fear.’ How I am supposed to feel safe by giving my power to external things?

If you got here, you must realize that the way is by not being moved, or being affected by external things. And you would come to me like Malia did, and may some people do not know how to protect themselves, but they do know something: They are conscious beings who are response-able to choose. ‘I am afraid to lose my soul.’ They can do whatever they want but you remain with your integrity, with your whole self, knowing I choose to respond by not playing with the paradox because if I do it, I am maintaining the cycle.

And right into the ‘Genotype’, I get the concept of love-hate thing put into perspective. The Anuk-ite, while emerging, kissed and fought. Can you just believe that? Such an amazing: Show them, don’t tell. Because telling would be against the point, against the whole thing we are trying to send a message about. Sometimes it gets me how we can perceive such a thing, but that’s quite the thing we should see if you dive a little deeper. And I see none of it in other shows, but you know, if you don’t look for the little pieces, it all stays superficial in whatever may be the sphere.

And if you go with the thing of being a shapeshifter. Fear can be an ally, it can be both ways. Fear can make you lose your ‘identity’, you can let it paralyze you. When Scott advises Liam, that’s truth in it. They will try to make you numb, to make you go with it without questioning the whole paradox thing. So, Liam says to himself to be afraid. Fear causes him to be angry, but actually, I think it can be a point for shifting. That’s what happens to him, and the Teacher.

It’s how the ‘Genotype’ term plays out. How conditioning makes us forget our ‘inherited genetics’, the environment changes it, as well as the external influence.

When you experience for the first time being out of your body or getting into such a deep state of mind. You really didn’t feel it before. It’s unknown and I can say from experience you will feel a certain degree of fear. But you have to shift, and after the first time, there’s no way of being afraid of something that just makes you feel so much better.

Don’t hide yourself from who you are because of what might they think, you might be surprised that everyone is actually very accepting of what is that you are experiencing. And I am so convinced that the thing ‘Fighting without seeing’ is basically: Do it even if you don’t see it already in the physical reality, that goes for manifestation, the states you remain dwelling. The things you see in your mind’s eye. The Anuk-ite can be flipped and also mean: why you would try to look for something that isn’t real? A.k.a the illusion of the physical reality. If what you feel inside is the real reality? Think from this state of mind: is it the true you? You know if it is your true self if you feel like you always remained there. You never get tired of it, and it’s a sure thing. It feels like you are untouchable and full of energy. And yeah, here’s the thing, it will probably be something you are afraid of also, because well, what would they think if they knew what is that I am really striving for? Do you see? The paradox thing? Fear can be your ally. And yes. When Theo says to follow your fear. And I mean, that kind of fear that means: ‘I would give up everything if they tear apart that part of me I hide that I want so badly. So, I want to protect it because I love it so much.’ it probably can be something that isn’t enough for the system, for the programming. Because you are larger than that, so please, when I say it’s meant for you. I have no doubt that this kind of fear, if used in your favor, will change everything. Believe me.

It will take time, and this is the whole point of this ride we are taking right now. The times we are in. Is about believing in our potential to see from other perspectives without getting actual proof. But I can assure you, the time is coming when those experiences of astral projection, other states of consciousness, and psychic phenomena where the mind affects the outer reality will be more than acceptable. It’s just who we are.

And I want to point out how Scott and Malia were together and moments after that they are fighting. Is for training but indeed makes a good foreshadowing.

‘That’s the problem. They don’t know us.’ ‘They don’t wanna see us. They don’t even wanna look at us.’ ‘But I still think their fear isn’t real’ ‘What if it is not the Anuk-ite? What if it’s just what people are really like? What if all that he truly does is give permission to them to act out those awful truth lies within them?’

To wrap it up, in ‘Broken Glass’ there are references to the violence made to the people with different ‘perspectives’ from the dominating thought. The Jewish and Canaan, ‘the promised land of the Israelites’. It’s like the science and spiritual spheres ‘battle’, the masculine and the feminine forces. The very thought of separation.

The Anuk-ite saying that looking into his face drove Scott’s pack insane. I think that because Scott did not give in, by his ‘blindness’ that’s power in his fear. ‘You power’ ‘It brings me freedom, I won’t be trapped again.’ ‘Caught, encaged.’

All of his talking is about the very paradox of falling for the: love-hate, peace-war, humans-supernaturals.

Scott’s blindness is heavy stuff but is actually just a physical thing for something that is just meant to be an internal process. It is looking within, turning inward, shutting the external world, and ‘shift’.

‘You want the power of a shapeshifter like me. But that comes with the rules of being a shapeshifter... Lines that we can’t cross.’

Not falling for the paradox, being a shapeshifter is knowing you have the power to bend reality at will, but you must remain faithful. It cannot be by external effort, but by inner focus and remaining grounded in your values and integrity.

Don’t fall for anything happening outside, know with absolute certainty is by being in your inner world, inner man we can reach a place where who we are is using that ‘fear’ to higher states of consciousness and flipping it to something that actually makes you feel fulfilled.

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