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NINJAGO: 'DIVINE REALM' and its connections with the upcoming season of Lego Ninjago.

There's no other way for seeing Lego Ninjago unless from a perspective of time travel or how the past, present, and future are happening at the same time. And it's because Spinjitzu mirrors the chakras, and mirrors too that more into the future we perceive we have been accelerating.

I have been writing about Ninjago for about two years. I had always liked the Ninjago concept for a very long time, and in the back of my mind I was saying to myself: I have to give a watch but I just did it two years ago. I am glad I did it at that time of my life, otherwise, I would not see how amazing this show is. The extensive content in it is about self-knowledge, symbolism, and references about the holographic reality. There are a lot of ways to see each season, to study it through a spiritual lens. And I never encountered anything like it in anything else.

I just felt like I could do anything, literally anything and Ninjago would suit it well. My focus is primarily on mythology and psychoanalysis. And I have always had a passion for the Orient, its myths, martial arts, way of living, and costumes. Ninjago not just has these details but is based on spirituality.

The most recent example I can use is the shorts, and their 'cores'. Is just absolutely outstanding that it mirrors the primary thing on 'Divine Realm'. The Ninja travels to the past to rescue Wu that has been taken away. And I like to think everything is interconnected somehow, each core is made perfect for each Ninja and their element. If you do some research on the symbolism behind each element you perceive they almost unconsciously express them in their personality. And each element is inside each element. How at Lloyd's core 'wisdom' he perceives the goal is not to win the race but get to the finish line at any cost. It could be seen as time doesn't behave in a linear way but all is happening at the same time. That very place they are is Prime Empire, and the season portrays in a symbolic way how reality operates, using the concept of videogames. We have been creating it ourselves. And us, beings aware that we are aware, inside the 'Prime Empire' the creators of the whole game. The 'programs' or 'Nindroids' like Zane, Okino, or P.I.X.A.L mirror us, they're us. That long ago as divine beings ourselves, we created this simulation to experience reality. All shorts have a connection with their current season.

I love how Zane's core is at Cole's season, it portrays the systems where they keep us separate, because a world where our authority is not placed at an outside force like the Skull Sorcerer, is a new world. A world we're moving into, and move into it by generosity, by giving without expecting something in return. This is true balance, return within. Jay's powers of lighting are connected to enlightenment, honesty, and the truth. The season where Zane forgets his first intention and it's connected with power itself. We have mentions about the 'Eternal Flame' as Kai having its powers, the old lady tells him how power cannot be taken, true power cannot be stolen. This for me just refers to us being divine, and 'Divine Realm' is all about it: power cannot be stolen but can be forgotten.

My notes about 'Divine Realm' while watching the most recent seasons:

'The whole purpose of the movie is to tell something that cannot be told. The whole thing is Lloyd seeing that his power is transforming, and is getting beyond everything he knew before. It's a power within all things, but only he can change himself not the others. The truth about reality is just how you see yourself, your imagination. In the last trial, he tried to be the proof but he was only trying to convince himself, so as he returns he has shifted his reality where he no longer needs external approval, this is the truth of his heart and the reality itself follows, reality conforms to his new view about himself.

Those symbols of omega, Lloyd being a Dragon, and Oni. The whole thing about being myths and the divine is to know who they truly are.

The point about Ninjago is that without their powers, they could do nothing, as the extreme of one pole. And it repeats itself in many other ways like Kai losing his powers, and Cole turning into a ghost. They lost each other. Reality shows them that we seem to be separated, but we’re not, never were. The very thing that Zane has clairvoyance. The underlying fear of not reaching that point. That they could not harness their power.

And when they do actually do it, they perceive that kind of power could make them drive insane. They reach such a state of “knowing” that this knowledge must be protected, they will reveal it in time, and the forces “against” them, the watchers, are trying to warn them about how the truth would do more damage than good if it's forced upon them.

Power cannot be stolen, and true power cannot be manipulated. because of that, they always stood and made it to the other side. The balance finds its way. That we are powerful and whole inside and try to control outcomes, life itself is resistance.'

At the end of the Six Virtues shorts. It happened something just amazing. When I watched it I could not believe how many synchronicities had happened since then. Wu had Lloyd asking him if any of that happened for real, and Wu said: 'Reality is all at one's perception, is it not?'

I think it just portrays well the whole intent of the movie, I still can't believe Mr. E comes back. I like to think that as Zane Nemesis helps him realize there's no difference between his father's technology and human consciousness, Mr. E. is the very proof of this. Why? Let's hold on to this thought for a little while, there's a lot of potential here for study and the next season will definitely be about time travel, but not in a concept we are used to, but about us as multidimensional beings. And the Realms portray the more subtle Realms we can access. Everything on Ninjago just makes me wanna love it even more, through it I keep seeing the repetitions over and over again. And there's always even more potential on it.

There's no other place to bring this vision of mine, and it just makes me more excited that we are kind of communicating on the same wavelength. Many concepts I flashed out myself is confirmed, although somehow it gives even more layers to it. Ninjago is made for this kind of expansion, I know there are other people out there feeling the same.

My script NINJAGO: 'Divine Realm' is outlined on Lego World Builder. You can click here to check it out.

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